Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not homeless anymore!

We finally found some where to live. We did had a place, but the guy gave it to someone else and we were waiting on this other place for 2 1/2 weeks. So we moved down to utah not having a place. That was very stressful, but we have just been living at my grandparents for the week and going to school. I am glad we didn't get that apartment cause we got a sweet place and a good deal too! I am super excited. It's a three bedroom house, only a couple years old. I'll post some pictures when we move in!

Guitar Lessons

Not to many people know that Braeden plays the guitar. He is quite good. He needs to play more though! He got out Megan's guitar and started teaching my cousin Taylore. It was cute so I took a picture.

Megan your guitar lessons are next!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cameron and Cassidy's Wedding

This past weekend we went to Utah for Braeden's brothers wedding. What a wonderful sealing and reception. We had a lot of fun. We haven't seen Braeden's family for a year and we were missing them so much. It was fun to get to know more of his family. We had a family reunion on the Keil side last year where I got to know his family on that side and now this weekend I got to know his family on the Cook side. That was fun. Hope we can move to St. George soon then we will have lots of fun! Cameron and Cassidy are so good together. We are so happy for them! Congrats!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not a lot has been going on. Just trying to pack up and get cleaning. We did find a place to move into so that is good! We just don't know exactly when we can move into the place yet. Braeden just has been working on the grounds on campus and I have been at home trying to get stuff done. We are in the process of filling out applications for nursing. Man it's stressful! Just wish us luck. I did get my hair cut yesterday! I was scared to cut it the way I did, but I'm glad I did cause I like it! I got some new shoes too. If anyone is looking for the most comfortable shoes ever you should get a pair on Sanuk shoes. They feel like your wearing sandals. I love them. I just love shoes :) We probably wont be posting a lot this fall. We aren't going to have the internet which really stinks, but I will try to post.