Tuesday, December 18, 2012

21 to 22 weeks old (5 months)

  22 weeks old

Everyone kept asking Cassidy and I if Dylan and Kyle were twins. Really? We just laughed cause clearly Dylan is huge and Kyle is little. 
 After two trips to try and sit on santa's lap we finally got it! Dylan did not know she was sitting on santa's lap until all the flashing stopped and she saw his hand and followed his arm up to his face and then lost it. We got a good one though!

21 weeks old

Braeden worked thanksgiving night so we could not go anywhere. We had a nice quiet thanksgiving this year with our little family and Braeden made a delicious turkey! It was fun making our own thanksgiving dinner.


amber said...

She is so precious Alisha!

Casseron said...

I love all your updates!! It's crazy to see how much Dylan has grown!! We love her!

Brittany Flint said...

Oh man you have been catching up! i just love that girl she is so so cute! she just has the sweetest smile in all your picts! looks like you guys are having fun we need to have fun with you sometime!