Tuesday, October 16, 2012

12 to 15 weeks old

Sorry I have been slacking lately..it seems like we have been busy, but maybe it is because I have gone back to work and I don't have much free time anymore! Going back to work has been good, when Braeden is not sleeping he watches her and when he is sleeping I get to bring her to work with me. Braeden helps out so much and I am so grateful for that! We are all doing great and Dylan is so much fun! Enjoy the pictures!

12 weeks
 Papa and Nana came to visit!
 1st time swimming and she loved it!
 This was her concentrating on kicking face
Reading books with Nana and uncle Clayton

13 weeks
 -She is a daddy's girl! Whenever she sees Braeden she just lights up and immediately starts talking and smiling at him
-Always has her tongue out 
-Went to the doctor and weighs 13lbs 3 oz
-Loves going for walks, especially sitting up in the stroller like a big girl
14 weeks
loves her baths
 Daddy taking Dylan for a walk
-Loves standing
-Started laughing.. so cute :)
-Started taking a binky!! (I hope she will take a bottle soon)
-Started grabbing her hands.. she will hold her hands by her mouth and just stare at them, ha ha she is a funny girl
-Always has her hands in her mouth
15 weeks

She is a happy baby and is always smiling
 loves to read books
hates tummy time


Sarah and Jordan Wagner said...

Cuuute. She sounds a lot like Livy...but maybe that is just all babies. :)

Riss said...

Oh man, I love all the pictures! She's so cute!!!!

Danielle said...

Cute Cute! Im so glad you guys are well and happy!

Morgan said...

She is just so cute Alisha! Love how happy she is and that little smile is just so sweet! Glad we finally got to catch up.

Brittany Flint said...

Oh man i want to see her so bad!!! you get great picts of her she always seems to be smiling! you guys all look so happy. ps like your hair