Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well I guess it is about time for an update. People keep asking me if we still exist. Yes we are here! You know how in the last post how I said we would have more time now that we are graduated and everything? Well I was wrong. We are even busier than before.

Braeden is working night shift at the hospital and I am working full time during the day. Sometimes if our schedules are off we don't see each other for a few days, but when we do have some time together we try to do something fun to make our boring life a little more lively! I have been traveling here and there for work and that has been kind of fun to see new places. I have been to Atlanta, GA, Fort Worth, Tx and this week I am off to Boston. We both just got mountain bikes and have been biking everywhere, well mainly just to go get snow cones because Braed wants one like every day. I think by the end on summer he is going to turn into one.

I got called as camp director and a young women's advisor in my ward and that has been keeping me plenty busy. It has been the best working with the young women and I love it. Three more weeks till girls camp and then I can relax!

We are planning a few trips this summer that we are looking forward to. A trip to California with our good friends Travis, Amanda and little Trey, a few camping trips and Hawaii! So stay tuned and I will try and keep you updated on our summer.

I can only remember what we have done these last few months by looking at pictures so I'd just like to warn you now for the picture overload.

Centennial Park in Atlanta

Went the the worlds largest indoor aquarium in Atlanta. It was pretty cool

This is the only picture I got of me in Fort Worth, but I loved it there

Got to see my family over conference weekend. My younger brothers are growing up so fast!

Jut had to share this picture cause I thought it was so cute. That is my cute cousin Rilynn, she loves Braeden

Braeden's brother Spencer got off his mission a few months ago and came to visit us before going back to school in Idaho. We went to Zion and hiked around

What a lovely bunch

Cook boys

Cass and I getting ready to go out to find some rocks in our cool outfits

Cameron, Braed and I hiking around Red Cliff's recreation area

BamMMM done! You all should be extremely happy now :)