Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We did it! I can't believe we have FINALLY graduated and are done with school (for now). I never thought this day would come. It's a happy/sad moment for me. Happy that I accomplished something I never thought I could do and sad that I won't have class with some of my friends anymore. One thing I have learned is that you can do anything if you believe in yourself. It has been a great two years! We still will be studying hard for the NCLEX, so wish us luck!

Braeden's brother Cameron pinning us

Braeden being creepy

Braeden and his friends from class

What are our plans now?
Well... Braeden found out two days before Christmas that he got a job at the hospital here in St. George. Looks like we will be here for another year! I will apply everywhere and hopefully something will work out! Nursing jobs are hard to come by here, so we are blessed Braeden got a job.