Monday, August 23, 2010


All summer long we have been trying to plan a trip to southern California and it finally happened! We went with Cameron and Cassidy and it was such a fun trip. I was super excited because I had never been to DISNEYLAND! It was really the happiest place on earth. I just felt like a little kid again. We stayed in Oceanside a couple blocks away from the beach and it was such nice weather. I am really tired of the HEAT in St. George and can't wait for it to cool down! I really miss the ocean (Puget Sound) and I hope we can live somewhere close by some day. Well we took a lot of pictures so you all better be prepared.

Cass and I

This was our second attempt to get a picture with Sully.. he does not stop walking so we just had to jump in front and snap a picture

Braed and Cam eating their giant turkey legs

It's a Small World

Mini's bed is not all that comfortable

Take a look at creepy Cameron in the background

Visiting Mickey in his house

A Bug's Life

Tarzan's Tree House

Tinkerbell's Fairy Land

I love the Tea Cups!

Playing paddle ball waiting for the sun to come out and the tide to go out so we could skimboard
It was a little chilly out

We finally found a good spot to skim...

but the sun never came out

This was a much needed vacation full of fun! I think our favorite part was going to Disneyland. Braeden had not been since he was 8 and I had NEVER been. It brought a lot of memories back for him and I made 1st time memories! My favorite rides were Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Matterhorn and all the princess story rides. Wish we could have done everything. Hopefully we can go back to Disneyland again before we start having kids!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cliff Jumping

A couple weeks ago we went to Sand Hollow to go cliff jumping. It was fun watching Braeden, Cassidy, Cameron and Dan jump while I took pictures. Maybe some day I will be brave enough and jump! :)



The reservoir is so pretty with the bright blue water and red rock all around

Cameron and Dan

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We will miss you!

We went to Vegas last week to visit our friends who are moving to go to school at Penn State. We will miss having them some what close by! They just had a beautiful baby girl named Cosette and we had a fun time holding her and hanging out with Nate and Rachael :)

It seems like we always make kabobs when we get together... they are delicious!

Thanks guys, we had fun!