Tuesday, December 18, 2012

21 to 22 weeks old (5 months)

  22 weeks old

Everyone kept asking Cassidy and I if Dylan and Kyle were twins. Really? We just laughed cause clearly Dylan is huge and Kyle is little. 
 After two trips to try and sit on santa's lap we finally got it! Dylan did not know she was sitting on santa's lap until all the flashing stopped and she saw his hand and followed his arm up to his face and then lost it. We got a good one though!

21 weeks old

Braeden worked thanksgiving night so we could not go anywhere. We had a nice quiet thanksgiving this year with our little family and Braeden made a delicious turkey! It was fun making our own thanksgiving dinner.

18 - 20 weeks old

 20 weeks old

We took a little road trip to northern Utah to visit family and to see how Dylan would do away from home and she did awesome. 
 Dylan met her great great-grandpa Wood and thought he was pretty funny
 Dylan also met her great grandma and grandpa Wheelwright

19 weeks old
 She hated her first taste of rice cereal and now loves it!

 At work with mommy

-Started getting a little stranger anxiety
 18 weeks old

Dylan and her cousin Kyle

16 to 17 weeks (4 months) & family pictures

Family pictures
4 months old

by 318photography.com
17 weeks

- She started rolling from her belly to back, but she is very lazy and does not like to
- Went on the swings for the first time and loved it!

I don't think I have mentioned in any of my posts about her tongue. You probably have noticed in some pictures that half of her tongue is bright red. I noticed this when she was about 3 weeks old when she got blisters under her tongue and would not eat. The doctor's think it is a vascular stain or a hemangioma. We have been seeing a dermatologist about once a month since then just to make sure it does not grow. Thankfully it has not changed and hope it doesn't!
16 weeks old