Sunday, March 28, 2010

Valley of Fire

Camping! We love camping and this past weekend we got invited to go camping with some of our friends. We went to the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada and it was an awesome place to camp! Hope you enjoy the pictures and look forward to lots more adventure pictures through out the summer cause we are going to have some fun! Hopefully :)
Braeden, Kyle, Nate, Brant and Alicia

Playing some wiffle ball

Rachel and I getting smoked out by the fire.. the wind was blowing so hard while we were there! We all thought our tents were going to blow away. It was a rough night sleeping with all that wind!

There were petroglyphs everywhere and the park says that they are over 3000 years old. They were way cool and I wish I knew what they meant!

Nate found this hole and climbed in it and it was huge inside. Those are Braeden's feet.. he climbed in an odd way and didn't want to continue in, haha it looked like the rock ate him up. The next picture there were four people in the hole you can only see Nate, Brant (through the crack) and Braed's feet.

We all went rapelling before we headed back home. Everyone had a great time especially me, Rachel, and Melanie. We were sitting on this hill watching everyone and each of us had a bag of chips. It was like we were watching a movie and cheering everyone on haha it was fun. I wish I could have repelled... the last time we went rapelling was RIGHT before my wrists got bad so I didn't want to chance it because my wrists are better now. Maybe someday I can do it again! (click image to enlarge)

Left to right.. Nate & Rachel, Brant and Alicia, Braed & me, Jared (his wife Melanie left the night before.. wish she could have stayed!) and Melanie & Kyle. Thanks so much for inviting us Nate & Rachel and especially Jared! We are going to have to go again sometime this summer when it's a little warmer!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

Hello! My aunt told me about this great program called Bountiful Baskets Food co-op. You can get a laundry size basket full of produce for ONLY $15! They also have other things you can add to your basket like bread and granola. Go to and learn more about this program and see if its in your area! I know in some areas this program is really big so the baskets go fast, if your interested make sure you sign up for a basket around the start time in your area. It was confusing when I first got started so read carefully. If you need any help let me know!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break

This past week was spring break and it was a much needed break from school. We went to back to Rexburg to visit some of our good friends and Braeden's brother. Everyone kept asking why are you going to Rexburg on your BREAK? Yes we could have gone some place warmer, but it's been almost 2 years since we moved from rexburg and since we have seen our friends, Kyle and Heather, Clay and Danielle and Brittany and Tyler, who still live there. It was just like old times, but with babies :)

My good friends Brittany and Heather just had babies about a month ago and they are 4 days apart. They are cute little buddies.
This is Calvin on the left, Brit's little one and Heathers babe, Kacen
It was so much fun to hold these little ones! Kacen was just starting to smile and it was so cute. Calvin had lots of happy smiley dreams. They were always in our arms :)

Everyone eating breakfast for dinner, yum my favorite! (From left to right: Kyle, Tyler, Braed, Calvin, me and Kacen, Danielle, Heather and Clay.) I wish we lived closer to all our friends! We miss you guys!
We had to get a picture with the BYU-Idaho sign. We didn't graduate there, but we sure have lots of memories and of course we met there :) I can't believe how much campus has changed since we have been gone. They are building a new conference center and it is huge! I didn't realize how much I miss Rexburg, until we drove into town. I was getting kind of emotional and Braeden was just looking at me like are you kidding me? haha. I just have ALOT of good memories there and I just miss the atmosphere there and our friends.
Me being so excited!
Yes it did snow there when we were there, but it was kind of fun. Our friends Clay and Danielle have a great dane named Dante and braed has wanted one for awhile now and he loves Dante! He now can't wait to get done with school and move into a place of our own so we can get one.

Braeden's brother Clayton is also going to school at BYU-Idaho and we got to spend some time with him. I am glad that we spent our spring break in Rexburg, because if all our friends move away who knows when we will ever make it back there! It was so good to see our friends and I hope we will see you guys again soon!!

Thanks again guys for the good time!

Kyle I hope this post makes you happy! :)