Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sis. Wheelwright

My sister is on her mission in St. George right now. I can't believe she got called here right before we moved here! Crazy! She has been here for over two months and is loving every minute of it. She spends half her time at the Visitors Center/ Tabernacle and the other half teaching investigators. I am lucky to see her every once in a while. It's so crazy that she lives 2 blocks from us. It's kind of hard for me because I just want to go see her all the time! She is a great missionary and has grown so much since she has been out here. We went to the VC today to see her and to get a tour. She is a different person than before her mission, in a very good way :). I am greatful that she is able to serve a mission and to learn and grow through all her experiences. I hope someday we can go on a mission and serve the Lord.