Thursday, April 24, 2008

Semester Break

Over the semester break we went on a road trip. It was a lot of fun. My cousin got blessed, so we went to her blessing. We also went down to St. George and visited Braeden's brother. We also checked out Dixie's campus. We hope to be moving down their and going to school there soon. Then we drove down to Las Vegas to visit some friends. It was good to see them. After a few days we made our way back up to New harmony and had lots of fun there. Went four wheeling, swimming, hot tubbing and just relaxed. We went back to my grandma's and I went to Brooke's bridal shower. I am so excited for you Brooke! Then we had to come back to school where it was nice and cold!

This is my cousin Taylore with one of the six puppies. We wanted to get one so bad!
My sister came down to hang out with us. That was fun.

We went to Zion's national Park and it was so beautiful!

My best friend Brooke is getting married in June, and I was able to go to her bridal shower!
It was a fun vacation and it was so nice to relax and get out of Rexburg.